Alumni Spotlight

Fairfield’s Creech is GMC’s high roller on the lanes

By Rick Cassano, Staff Writer

Terry Creech has rolled his way to the top of the Greater Miami Conference this season. He’s made a little history too.The Fairfield High School senior leads all GMC bowlers with his 229.1 average and set a two-game school record Dec. 14 with a 579 series against Lakota East at the Game of Fairfield.“I wasn’t expecting my average to be that high, but it really jumped after the 579,” Creech admitted. “I was like, ‘OK, I’ve just got to keep going strong.’ ”The historic series was a magical event. Creech started with a 300, then ran off nine straight strikes in the second game — that’s 21 in a row — before getting thwarted by the 10-pin on his first shot in the last frame.
November 13, 2015
Long-time Archivist Bob Pendergrass Brings Fairfield’s History To Life
Fairfield Mayor Steve Miller presented the key to the city to Fairfield Historical Society board member Bob Pendergrass ’61 at the November 9, 2015 council meeting. Bob was recognized for his work in creating the display for the 60th Anniversary of the city’s incorporation, his work on the 50th Anniversary celebration and his on-going effort to assist the Fairfield Alumni Association in preserving and selling bricks from the impending demolition of Central Elementary and the Freshman School (formerly the high school and junior high school). Thursday, November 12 was also named as Bob Pendergrass Day.

Bob has dedicated hundreds and hundreds of hours preserving the city’s history as the archivist of the historical society. Not only does he maintain the society’s archives but has much more memorabilia stored at his Fairfield home. Bob spent many long evenings in constructing and organizing the society’s week long exhibit during the 60th Anniversary celebration at the Community Arts Center.

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