Meeting Minutes – July 9, 2019

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019,  7pm
Members Present: Andy Conn/President, Jay Bauer/Vice President, Maria Sullivan/Secretary, Ken Cornelius/Treasurer, Scott Fowler/Communications, Francine Ross/Membership&Fundraising, Jerry Oberdorf.
Committee Reports:
Memberships: Francine Ross
Current members will become “charter members”, eliminating any further dues. Francine requested an e-mail list of all current members. AJ has the membership list. Discussion included:
Having a sign up table at graduation rehearsal to encourage all graduates in becoming members of the alumni association.
Having “FHS ALUMNI” t-shirts printed to be sold with memberships, and possibly at the FHS bookstore.
Print ads in the FHS programs for sports, theater, music, etc.
Treasurer: Ken Cornelius
Ken suggested moving $300.00 from checking acct into savings acct to eliminate further bank service charges on that acct. Motion was approved.
Reported June end balance of $4,335.43.
Communications: Scott Fowler
Scott has contacted AJ concerning getting help with the website subpages. Plans are to begin advertising for the alumni social scheduled for Oct 4, 2019. Scott will begin that on website and facebook page.
Topics of discussion:
-Current FHS AD Aaron Blankenship, has offered the VIP tent at Homecoming football game. Multiple ideas were discussed, including a Facebook Live drawing of names for seats in the tent.
-we need to begin the search for donation baskets for the social. Jerry Oberdorf has list of previous donators, and is willing to help get some of those again.
-video clips “”sponsored” by FHSAA for advertising on the new FHS Arena big screen-  FHS sports trivia questions was one of the many good ideas.
-Getting a float back in the parade, and contacting Barry Brown concerning the truck and trailer used in the past.
The 501c3 discussion was tabled until next meeting.
At the next meeting, we will be voting on changing the by-law to read “attended FHS” vs. graduate of FHS for membership eligibility.
Next Board Meeting: Tuesday, August 6th, @ 7pm. Meeting room still to be determined.

Maria Sullivan

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