Meeting Minutes – Sept. 10, 2019

I. Welcome and Call to Order
Jay Bauer, vice president called the meeting to order at 7:00pm
Andy Conn, President, was not in attendance.
II. Attendance
Board members: Jay Bauer, Maria Sullivan, Ken Cornelius, Scott Fowler, and Francine Ross.
Others: Pam Cornelius, Jerry Oberdorf,  and class of 1979 reps Melissa Eagle, Stephanie Saylor.
III. Committee reports
     1. Treasurer’s Report: (Ken Cornelius)
         The combined balance in accounts is $4,125.46. A total of $325.00 was spent on advertising in school activity programs. A total of $200.00 has been raised in table sponsorship for the Alumni Social so far.
     2. Membership/Fundraising: (Francine Ross)
         The Association obtained one new membership at the Alumni tent at the first home football game.
     3. Communications: (Scott Fowler)
         Alumni Brett Hassman has agreed to help maintain the website. Advertising for the Social, Parade, and golf outing will continue on Facebook page, and possibly Journal News.
IV. Discussion/New business:
     A. We are currently looking for a truck/trailer for the parade. There are a couple of leads: A truck from Performance, and Jay is going to contact a volleyball parent who may be able to help us out.
     B. Jerry introduced a list of potential donors for gift cards and baskets for the Social’s basket raffle. He had already obtained gifts from 14 of the 21 businesses listed. He also is in the process of calling the previous table sponsors to find interest again this year.
     C. The FHS Senior Class is donating $1500.00 to the association, which will cover the cost of the venue for the social.
     D. We have access to the FOP lodge at 10am on Friday, Oct 4th to get in and decorate.
     E. Jerry has procured 20 cases of  beer from Miller Brewery for the social.
     F. Maria Sullivan is in charge of procuring the soda and water for the social.
     G. Linda Oberdorf will get the snacks from GFS.
     H. Fairfield Pizza has agreed to sell pizzas for the social for $7.00/each.
      I. We discussed how many volunteer workers will be needed for the social:
          1. 2 people for the door- admission and memberships
          2. 2 people for beer and raffle tickets.
          3. Someone to mind the raffle baskets/items.
      J. Stephanie Saylor (class of “79) has offered to look into getting the White Claw beverage to add to our alcohol sales. She has also offered to sell split the pot tickets at the social.
     K. Ken Cornelius will continue his DJ duties at the social.
     L. Linda Oberdorf and Pam Cornelius will again donate the balloon decorations for the social.
V. Good of the Order
     Jay Bauer recommended the Bylaw discussion be tabled until the fall meeting after the social.
VI. Next Meeting:
     Wednesday, Sept. 25th at 7:00 at FHS. Room to be determined.

Maria Sullivan

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