Alumni Spotlight

Ryan Pettit ’00 Reflects Back on Fairfield’s Vision Program

Dr. Ryan Pettit ’00 cherishes most about his schooling is what he learned in the FCSD Visions program. Dr. Pettit, who now lives in Alabama, said the program shaped his growth personally and professionally. He went on to Belmont University where he graduated in 2004 with BS in Chemistry, and from the University of South Alabama in 2008, where he became an MRD. He is a family physician.

“The Visions program at Fairfield started me on my path to the scientifically-minded physician I am today,” he said. “Fairfield was instrumental in preparing me for college and the world beyond and it’s I who owe the debt of gratitude. I have had too many teachers to name but from Fairfield South to FMS, the Freshman School and then FHS, my teachers were extremely important in shaping and molding me. I really have great memories of Fairfield.”

Dr. Pettit’s positive experiences while attending FCSD prompted his recent decision to give back to the program that started it all for him. The FCSD is grateful for the $2,000 donation he made to benefit students in Visions math and science classes.

Rob Beidelman, FCSD Instructional Specialist for Gifted Services and Science, said Dr. Pettit’s generosity “will certainly have a positive impact on the students in the Visions program.”

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