School District Seeking Volunteers for Change Point Seminars

Good Afternoon,

I’m excited to ask each of you for some time to help with a new program the district is implementing this school year. The district has decided to partner with a local company called “Change Point” to run a seminar that will impact every student in 7th and 10th grade. Embarking on a seminar that trains over 1,600 students over the course of 5 days requires us to find over 230 adults to help facilitate this program.

While much of the presentation is organized by the leaders of Change Point, portions of the seminar are conducted in small groups with 1 adult to 6 students. The small group discussions are easy to facilitate as questions and discussion topics are provided by Change Point. Essentially the adult leaders are there to promote a safe environment and listen to students…but you will be an active participate!

This seminar reaches into students lives and allows them to discover their own backgrounds/identify and the backgrounds/identities of others. Our students often feel their voice is not heard and their stories go untold. This program gives our students the opportunity to tell their story or have their story validated by others.

The program is titled “Be the difference” for 10th graders and “The ID Project” for 7th graders. The following themes are covered in this program: Self-Awareness, Friendship Influences, Owning One’s Uniqueness, Choices: Mature or Immature, and My House (Family of Origin).

As a teacher, coach, and administrator I’ve had some great moments, moments I walked away from feeling like I made a difference or helped make a difference. My previous participation in this program as an adult leader has been a major highlight of my career. If you participate, you will be impressed and you will see an immediate impact of your work.

I ask for your consideration in helping out and I ask that you spread this to any adult that would be interested in serving for the day. Please e-mail me directly if you are interested. If you are connected to youth groups, service groups, community groups, or anyone that has helped lead others, please let them know to contact me if they are interested in helping. Its a great opportunity to have our community see the work that goes on in our schools and gain the perspective of a young adult. Below are the details (You can sign up for 1 day or more):

Be the Difference (High School Program)
Where: Fairfield High School Arena
Dates: November 7, 9, and 10
Time: 8:00-2:30
How to sign up:

The ID Project (Middle School Program)
Where: Boys located at Fairfield Middle School Gym, Girls at High School Arena
Dates: October 19 and 20
Time: 6:50-1:45
How to sign up:

Feel free to forward this e-mail to any interested person or group. For more information about Change Point, please visit There are some video links that give you more insight on the program. Contact me if you have any questions.


Jeff Madden
Director of Student Services
4641 Bach Lane
Fairfield, Ohio 45014

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